Best WordPress themes in the world for 2017

Best WordPress themes in the world for 2017 are listed below. Setting up the rank for all Wordpress themes is always a difficult job because there are millions of themes out there in the WordPress theme store as well as people selling WordPress themes everywhere and earning money with them. But the thing that we are going to discuss here is the best themes of WordPress.

This list that I am going to make below is purely made according to my own experience of owning themes and I used these personally and I feel these are the best WordPress themes out there. Selecting the perfect theme for your website is the crucial job and always take the time to decide. I tried to make this decision as easy as possible.

This list may contain premium themes as well as free themes.


The most famous and most sold out WordPress theme on ThemeForest is AVADA theme. it sold more than 3 Million times. The creator of that theme is from Pakistan. Made that theme in 2012 and never sat down resting. Continuously updating and adding new features in their theme made it the world most famous and most used theme of all time. I used this theme personally and can tell you that is the best theme in the market right now. The code structure and speed of this theme is exceptional and you will fall in love with this when you start using it.


2- ColorMag

The theme of this website that you are at is ColorMag. And you can see the user-friendly view of this theme. The Colormag theme is actually having 2 versions. 1 is free and another one is premium. The free version is having to allot of features and if you ask me it is enough for a newbie to create his/her website with the professional look. Although if you want to enhance the control of this theme you might need the premium version of this. I love this theme ever since I am using it. I suggest using this theme to you all.


3- Sahifa Theme

I used this theme for one of my blogging sites. And I can tell you that this is one of the best themes for bloggers. Simple, Fast, To the point, SEO-friendly and user-friendly. I used this theme for about 2 years. And I see this theme installed on many blogs online. This theme is loved my bloggers because of its simplicity.


4- X | The Theme

Selling their theme at the 2nd spot after Avada on ThemeForrest is X | The Theme. Luckily I used this theme too. I found it very attractive and user-friendly. A bunch of animation stuff going on at that theme shows how much effort their programmers gave in that. Easy to understand and use Admin Panel and very responsive web design.


5- Thefox

Again coming from ThemeForrest. the Thefox theme is very flexible, mobile and user-friendly design and also had allot of features and sample pages for use. A great combination of very useful features all packed in a single theme. Loved it.


Apart from WordPress if you know Web development. And can work in HTML, CSS, and javascript. You can consider another theme that I used for one of my projects and I loved it. Take a look at CANVAS template.

CANVAS Template

I loved its animations. Fast and responsive design. They made a great effort anyone can clearly see. I used this template allot for some of my projects and I found it very useful. A whole bunch of pages, widgets, and snippets already placed for developers and ready to use. Although these template files are premium if you can afford then I highly recommend this for web developers to use this template for developing a professional looking website.


I made this list to for WordPress bloggers who are suffering from the same situation that they have the motivation, an idea to start their own website but at the point where they have to decide which theme will suit their blog topic. They stuck at that point. I made this ranking for them.

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