15 Most Useful Tips for Sublime Text

Let’s see some of the most useful tips for Sublime Text. If you are a programmer and writing code for development. You want an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In my opinion, Sublime Text is the best one out there.

I am using Sublime text since when it was very new. And now they have released Sublime Text 3. Which have even more features that help the programmer to code? There are many IDE available on the internet free to download and use. Some of them are as follows

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Notepad++
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Komodo
  • Brackets
  • Phpstorm
  • XCode for Mac
  • Netbeans
  • Aptana
  • And much more….

In this article, I am going to show some really cool features of the Sublime text. I am using it because of its very light weight. Suitable for all programming language and has a lot of package controls that can help you to enhance your coding experience to 200 percent.

Let’s take a look at the most useful tips for sublime text and some of the hot keys first that Sublime text provides us.



Selecting a single word

Ctrl + d to select a word where your cursor is


Spelling check in Sublime text

F6 enables the feature of sublime text to check spelling mistakes inside your code or whatever content it finds.


Selecting bracket ends

Ctrl + m to select the end of a bracket. If your cursor is at one end of the bracket by pressing that hotkey it will take the cursor to the other end of the bracket. This is very useful in conditions like if else or loops like for and while.


Selecting everything inside brackets

Ctrl + Shift + m to select whatever inside the one opening to closing bracket.


Selecting a complete line of code

Ctrl + l In order to select the complete line at which your pointer is.


Searching for a file

Ctrl + P will open file searching box where you can type a file and sublime will find that file inside the currently opened project or folder.


Indenting the code

Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ] in order to indent the code one step forward or backward


Going at a line number

Ctrl + Shift + P and type : + line number where you want to go at.


Duplicating a line

Ctrl + Shift + d in order to duplicate the current line where your pointer is.


Deleting a line

Ctrl + Shift + K in order to delete the currently active line where your pointer is.


Adding Comments to the code

Ctrl + / for single line comment

Ctrl + Shift + / for multiple line comment


Selecting multiple column View

You can select multiple window layout in the Sublime text. Just go to View > Layouts > 2 Column Layout

And it will start displaying 2 Columns instead of 1 on your Sublime text screen and you can even open 2

Files on both sides and you can compare your code.


Installing Package Control

Installing Package Control in your Sublime text by going to this link and select the Text inside Sublime Text 3 tab. Copy all the code inside it. And then go to Sublime text and Press Ctrl + ~ . It will open a console at the bottom of screen. Paste the code you copied at the bottom one input field and hit Enter. It will install the package control lost.

When done Press Ctrl + Shift + P and type Package Control: Install Package and hit enter. It will install packages in your sublime text.


Changing Theme of Sublime Text

After the above step press Ctrl + Shift + P and Start searching for Material Theme and hit Enter to install any of the themes for your sublime text.


Installing Emmet in sublime text

Same like installing Material Theme search for Emmet by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P. And hit Enter to install Emmet in Sublime Text.



Good Luck!

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