Learn how to get a job on Upwork quickly?

Learn some tricks and tips on how to get a job on Upwork quickly and easily. This is a trick to express yourself to the client and convince them to hire you.

What is Upwork?

Upwork.com was once called odesk.com. Now they shifted their brand names to one organization that is now called Upwork.com. It is the most leading online workplace for independent contractors, companies, and freelancers. Freelancers can work remotely while sitting at their homes, office or park. Can deliver the work done and get paid for that. They can work as hourly or with the fix price projects depends on the job proposal.

How Upwork works?

Now that we know what is upwork we can move on to discuss How it works?

Upwork is a marketplace for both clients or freelancers. Client Post a job with their budget for that job. And freelancers sitting online waiting for work can be able to apply for that job offer.  Freelancers place a bid on that job offer saying “I can do this jobs with this much price”. And after all, bids were done, Client check all the bids placed by freelancers and interview someone for hiring for that job. Once hired freelancer can start work on that project and deliver as complete. After completed the project and delivered to the client. Client reviews the work and leave a review upon the work done by the freelancer. That review stays on freelancers profile to help other clients decide whether this freelancer is good or not.

How much revenue does Upwork take from each project?

So when a freelancer hired for a job by a client. The work starts, and at the end when work delivered and money gets released from the client for a freelancer. Upwork takes its commission. And that commission is 10% of the total amount paid.

How can I get hired for a job proposal?

I prepared a list of tips that can definitely help you to get hired whenever you apply for a job proposal.

1 – Set your hourly rate

In your profile set your hourly rate less especially if you are a newbie to upwork. Don’t put like 20$/hour without any client reviews on your profile. Clients will never hire you. The first thing that clients see on freelancers profile is the remarks of other buyers or clients. So you need to set the hourly rate as low as possible. Possibly start with 5-7$/hour (depending upon your category of skill).

2- Complete your Upwork profile 100%

Upwork always shows you how much profile you have filled up in percentage. So you need to reach to the maximum percentage that is 100%. Always complete your profile 100%. Do whatever upwork suggests completing that 100% profile. It may contain adding Portfolios, Work History, Education background, Skills and Skill tests. Client hires those freelancers who are serious about their profession. If you are not concerned much about your career or profession you will not take attention to your upwork or any other marketplace account because you are doing this because everybody does. But you will get hired only when you start taking upwork or online market serious and give your 100% attention to it.

3-  Search for jobs from upwork.com/jobs

Now that your profile is ready to Rock. You can now start bidding on job proposals. While setting up your profile to 100% I am assuming you already set your skills and selected the category of your skills in there. Now that is done you will be able to see the list of jobs suitable for you according to your skills. So you need to visit the following URL


There you will see the list of jobs listed from new to old. These jobs are matches with your skills and category. Start applying for jobs from that URL only. And you will get hired if you do it properly.

4- Read job description completely

Read the job description carefully. Don’t apply for a job without reading the job description. Always read it carefully and decide if you are able to do this work easily or not. If you can then bid on that job proposal otherwise don’t bid on that. Reading a job description will make you understand what the job is about.

5- Investigate about the buyer

Now the most important tip that I can give you is to investigate about the buyer or client. Before applying for that job proposal research a bit on that client. Go to his/her profile check his jobs posting. How much money he already spent? and what are his reviews toward other freelancers? Look everything carefully and you will get the clear idea about the nature of that client. Then if you like him or his attitude. Go ahead and apply for that job.

6- Address buyer with his/her name in the proposal

Now that you investigate the client you may have came to know his/her name as well. Now in your bid always say “Hi John” first. (assuming John is a client name). Always address client with his name. Because when the client starts looking bids applied on his job proposal. There is a listing page on upwork that show an only first line of the bad message. Now, whenever client sees his name right on the first line. We got his attention. This tip increased the chances of the client open your bid. Once opened now he has to decide whether he should hire you or not? But most of the time you will get hired.

7- Bid with the normal price

Bid with the normal price range. Suppose if client set the budget of his project 250$. You need to bid on his proposal as 200$. Don’t go near to the original budget of the client. Always stays a little low especially if you are just starting to work on upwork.

8- Don’t give contact information right away

Don’t try to give contact information like Skype username or phone number. This will leave a good impression on the client. Wait for your client response and let him contact you through inbox or interview. Then you can share your contact information.

9- Make permanent clients

Always deliver quality work within the decided time frame. Talk professional, gently and listen to the client first. When you give respect to your client along with the quality work. Congratulations! you made a permanent client. That client will come to you again and again for more work.

10- Start with small projects

If you are new to Upwork always only apply on a small project like the budget of 20 to 70$. Because these are more changes to get hired if you apply for small jobs instead of big projects right at the start. Big jobs are posted by big organizations or companies and they never hire a newbie to do their job because they have a big budget and they can’t take a risk of that money.



Always think that you are a buyer or client before applying for a job. Now as you are the client. How and What people you want to hire for this specific project. Definitely, you will want professional work done by professional freelancer but if he does it will low price. What else can I get better than this? Isn’t it. SO always keep these points in mind and then apply for a job. And you will get hired.




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