Learn Complete PHP and MYSQL from scratch

What is PHP?

Learning Learn Complete PHP and MYSQL from scratch is the most important skill for a beginner programmer who wants to step into web development field of programming. PHP originally stands for Personal Home Page, but it now stands for the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

PHP is a server-side programming language made for web development. The recently released version is 7. Which is having many advanced features and security fixes. PHP is the world most famous and most used programming language. More than 70 % of websites on the internet are actually made in PHP. There are allot of frameworks made in PHP. And some of them are rapidly growing their existence. Long story short if you want to step into the field of web development. You need to learn PHP first along with HTML and CSS.

Do you want to be a Web Developer?

If you want to be a Web Developer and willing to step into the web development field and want to make it your career. Then start learning PHP along with HTML and CSS and Jquery right away. PHP is not a very difficult language to learn. You can learn it if you are willing to learn. Practice makes it perfect.

Ok so Now let’s get to know more about PHP below.

There are 2 types of websites. 1 is static and another one is a dynamic website. In order to make a static website. You can create with HTML and CSS only. Although if you want to create a dynamic website. You need to use PHP. Because PHP is responsible for interacting with the database. And all user or website data always gets stored in databases. And fetching that data from the database can be done by using PHP language. So this way we can make dynamic websites where the user can store their data etc. Biggest example is Facebook that was initially made in PHP,

I prepared series of tutorials in URDU for all of you guys who want to learn PHP right from the scratch and want to reach that level where they can earn through their PHP skill. Starting right from the introduction there is a list given below.

Learn Complete PHP and MYSQL from scratch

Introduction and Overview of PHP


Variables and Constants


Arrays in PHP


Operators and Conditions




PHP form submission and request types


Sessions in PHP


Functions in PHP


Sending Emails using PHP


File Handling


File Uploading


There are allot more stuff to learn in PHP but these tutorials will teach you all the basics and required functionality to create an awesome website. You can subscribe to the channel and take a look at other stuff and tutorials.

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