Top Reason Stops You From Making Money

Why you are not able to make money online from the internet. There is some reason stops you from making money whether it is online or any other business. You read it everywhere right? but how the hell everybody is making money online although I tried and failed.
Is this the question you are asking to yourself?

If So then you are in the right place at the right time to know the reason why you are failing to make money from the internet while everybody does. Today I will discuss how and why people fail to make a good amount of money from internet although they know all the secrets (not all but most of the worthy ones). But they are still not able to make a good living. Including me. I once faced this situation when I tried every possible way in my approach to making a good money from internet. But I was making money but that was not enough for me to depend on that in my future.

Let’s discuss the reasons of why most people fail to make a good living from the internet.

This article is not for demoralizing or discourage anyone. This article is for everyone’s helps to find the reason of not making a good living from the internet.


No Passion

Most people step into the online learning world because they somewhere listened about it. Maybe from their friends and want to do the same as they did. But they don’t have that passion knowledge and the right skill to do and achieve the same that their friend did. If you want to enter in a field of something you must have a passion for that field. If you don’t love your work you won’t be able to spend much time on that. If you don’t spend more time you won’t be able to make money from it. As Simple as it is. Step into a field where you are most likely to spend time in. Or develop the passion for the skill of online making money and you will start it.



This is the biggest problem. You started a work but when you are not getting the result you wanted. You become dis heart which leads you to think again about your work and you ask yourself. Is this work worth my time and mostly you will get an answer of NO. Because of overthinking. You don’t want to waste your time because you think the time is so precious (which is true). But the bigger truth is if you keep switching your thoughts and career you will never get the success you deserve. So sticking at a field that you have selected. After some time like 2 to 3 months. You will start getting positive results from that. That is the key to success.


Too many Expectations

The last point leads me to another section that will be Too many Expectations.When you start working for your online earning you want to get the result as soon as possible. Which is not bad it’s in human nature. But those who do their work with consistency and wait for the result to come they always get it. They don’t think whether they get it too much or not. Similarly making too many expectations for the time you are spending is not good especially if you are just starting.


Setting up a goal

Setting a goal in life is the most important thing. Without a goal, we don’t have a path to follow. Without the path, we will always keep finding the destination. And that will never be achieved. Set a goal for every day. For example, if I talk about my example. I set a goal for myself to record 2 video lectures every day and Post 1 article on my website. Try to achieve that goal and we will start making money in any field of life.


Keeping Positive Attitude

While working for a goal always keep your attitude positive. Always think you are going to achieve it no matter what. You are going to WIN it no matter what. Don’t think in a way that what if I lose. Always think I will win. If you think like this and keep going in your life with this attitude you will win everything in your life.



If you working or willing to work online and want to earn money from the internet. OR If you want to achieve big in any business you have. I can recommend a really awesome book for you to read. Please go download and read the book called “The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss”. This magical best seller book will infidelity lead you to become a great businessman or online earner.




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