Top Ten Richest Countries in the World 2017

Top Ten Richest Countries in the World for the year 2017 list is below. Some Smallest countries in the world still dominating the list of the world’s richest countries. The list of World richest countries and ranking them according to the GDP (gross domestic product) of the country based on purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita.

The ranking was published by an analysis of Global Finance Magazine shows.

The list was published in February 2017 and based on data from the International Monetary Fund.


Most of these small nations heavily dependent on immigrant workers who often do not reside in the country they are working in or are not granted resident status, and are therefore not counted in the GDP per capita calculations.

The GDP per capita listed represents the amount of wealth produced in 2016 and is expressed in international dollars.

World most riches countries are mostly from Continent Europe. Many Asian countries are also growing rapidly but in this list of top ten most of them are from Europe. Asian countries like the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Qatar are the highlight of Asia from the list. These countries are leaving their deep mark on the world economic state with the very high GDP of 2016.

Countries from Europe like the United States, Norway and Luxembourg are the main lead from Europe and having a big GDP for 2017.

Here is the list of top ten richest countries in the world for the year 2017

1- Qatar

Continent: Asia

Qatar with the GDP of $129,726 making its first mark on the list.


2- Luxembourg

Continent: Europe

Luxembourg with the GDP of $ 101,936 making its second mark on the list.


3- Macao

Continent: Asia

Macao with the GDP of $96,147 making its third mark on the list.


4- Singapore

Continent: Asia

Singapore with the GDP of $87,082 making its fourth mark on the list.


5- Brunei Darussalam

Continent: Asia

Brunei Darussalam with the GDP of $79,710 making its fifth mark on the list.


6- Kuwait

Continent: Asia

Kuwait with the GDP of $71,263 making its sixth mark on the list.


7- Ireland

Continent: Europe

Ireland with the GDP of $69,374 making its seventh mark on the list.


8- Norway

Continent: Europe

Norway with the GDP of $69,296 making its eighth mark on the list.


9- United Arab Emirates

Continent: Europe

United Arab Emirates with the GDP of $67,696 making its ninth mark on the list.


10- San Marino

Continent: Europe

San Marino with the GDP of $64,443 making its tenth mark on the list.

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